Hello and welcome to myChurcham!

Fostering and developing community life

across the whole village.


In early 2015, a small group of residents from across the village of Churcham began meeting with the aim to foster and develop community life across the whole village. They wanted to find out the different activities that are currently happening in the village as well as find ways of discovering what people living in Churcham were interested in doing connecting people with mutual interests. There was also the hope that ways could be found to identify people who need support and those who are able to provide that support.

After a few meetings at Fairview Gardener Tea Rooms, the first initiative taken was to produce a leaflet which was hand-delivered to every home in Birdwood, Bulley, Church Lane, and Oakle Street. The leaflets were also available on display at the Churcham petrol station and the Fairview Gardener as well as being available through Churcham Primary School.

We have been very pleased to work in partnership with Village SOS, who have kindly given a grant to help with the development of the Churcham Village website. We have also worked closely with the Village Agent for Churcham, Sarah Davies. (To get in contact with Sarah and to find out more about her work, visit her page on this website.)

If you want to find out more, please contact Peter Ingram on 01452 750207 or info@mychurcham.org.uk.

Remember it’s your Churcham!