Memorial Walk Update

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The first memorial walk was held in Churcham on 20th May. Thank you all for a fantastic turnout of walkers. It was a great opportunity to pull together listings in memory of those who died and those who served in the two world wars from Churcham, Bulley and Birdwood. Many thanks to Jenny and John Eastwood for providing a display of people who served, Paul and Phyllis Charter for refreshments and John Moorby, Peter and Julie Ingram for walk surveys. Jenny’s ‘personal histories’ of the people who served brought us closer to the fallen and their sacrifice.

The walk was successful in highlighting the people who served as well as bringing the community together. It was a lovely walk with great views and a welcome and informative stop off at local glass artist Leigh Sladen for a cup of tea at her open studio. Next year’s walk is planned for 19th May 2018, a note for your diary. We hope to work towards placing a tangible memorial, possibly a bench where walkers or idlers can enjoy the fantastic views around Churcham whilst sharing a thought for those who have gone before. Thank you all so much for making the walk a resounding

John Francis